In the Year 2525

I have absolutely no idea when I first heard this song. I’m assuming it was a long time ago, and probably was playing on some radio station my father had playing in the car.

But it has struck a chord, and has always stuck with me. It’s got that “All of this has happened before; all of this will happen again.” feel to it. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, and I believe that. And I don’t mean small events (although there’s a lot of that going on too), but the entire span of civilizations.

Now that I feel slightly little depressed thinking about that, I present you Zager & Evans’ “In the Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus)”:

Some of you may find that song both a little slow and depressing.

For you who like a dance beat, here’s Venice Beat’s cover with a female voice. I like the overall feel of the song, but I think it ruined the message. And the video is rather horrible.

And here’s Pete Stark’s dance cover, this time with a male voice. The song and the video get interesting at around 30 seconds in.

Until next time...

8 thoughts on “In the Year 2525

  1. I had the orginal 45 of the song that my cousins who are ten older then me, gave me when I was about 12. My brother loved this song.
    I like the remix. Neat Star Trek, Transformers, and other clips.

    1. It is, but so seems to be Humanity.

      There are actually at least 3 Mayan calendars, all of which are cyclical. And all based on multiple levels of cycles. I’m assuming however you’re referencing the Long Count calendar and 2012.

  2. Always been one of my faves. Difference is I heard it on the radio as a pre-teen WHEN IT WAS NEW. Yeah, I’m OLD.

    Along the same lines, others I loved were “Downtown,” “The Age of Aquarius,” and “Popcorn,” and “These Boots are Made for Walkin’” (probably because I WANTED Nancy’s boots!)

    1. Everything has to be new to everyone at least once, regardless of when they hear it the first time. ;-)

      I love the B-52′s cover of “Downtown”. “Popcorn” I’ve always liked, much to the chagrin of those around me. And as for Nancy’s boots, I have the video. :)

  3. This was a theme song for a series of filmstrips we watched in school in Social Studies class. Yes, filmstrips, the ubiquitous school-tech, the Powerpoint of its day, basically a slide show with commentary that was a blessed relief, a slightly exciting darkness-at-noon interlude in our otherwise drab and boring school day. Anyway, this terrible song was the theme song for this endless series of really dumb filmstrips; it’s the ONLY thing about them that I remember! We’d groan every time we heard it. I still do!

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