Just ask.

I seriously have nothing going through my brain worth writing about. At least nothing I would consider worthy of writing down. I have a couple posts in draft that I’ve been working on for months but just can’t seem to hit the publish button on them for some reason.

It’s been a while since I did this, so… maybe it’s time for another round of “Ask Erik a question”!

Ask away! And I’ll answer them in a different post soon.

Until next time...

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  1. Is your beard as soft as it looks? Is it due to constant maintenance by the hubby, or is it naturally that way?

  2. Have you ever given someone a tattoo that was a total mess (either because of their decision or your mistake), but you kept a straight face and instead just reassured them about how good it was? My barber has great stories on this subject, so I guess you might as well.

  3. Here are a few…

    1) We have all seen posters that have been in the sun so long that only the cyan print is left. I’m curious as to whether there are any tattoo ink colors that fade faster than others.
    2) Does your area have a food or dish that it’s known for? Something that was invented there or that just isn’t the same anywhere else?
    3) Do you follow any webcomics?

  4. How did you meet The Husbear? Where, when and what did you do on your first date?

    Did you have any angst before you got your first tattoo? Is there advice you give to clients who have angst?

    What is the funniest tattoo you’ve seen or one that you’ve done on someone?

    I’ll think of some more….

  5. Dear Eric,

    What are your small and large passions, the things that move you at a very deep level? Poetry? Sunrises? Sunsets? Kittehs? The bite of the tattoo needle into virgin skin for the first time? Other?

    If money were not necessary, how would you spend your days? Where would you go to do it?

    Are you a musician? Do you/have you ever played an instrument or sang, have you ever written a song?

    Do you get aroused when you tattoo someone?

    Have you ever pierced another human?

    When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? How did those dreams change as you aged?

    Do you swim? Was Jacques Yves Cousteau ever a figure of legend for you?

    Have you ever done drag? Do you ever *want* to do drag?

    Have you always wanted to be a man? Ever wanted to be a woman?

    Thank you. Inquiring minds want to know.
    Much love,

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