Questions answered… Let’s talk about sex.

I received quite a few questions, both in the comments on the post and some in email form as people didn’t want to sound… cheeky.

I’m okay with cheeky.

I noticed several different categories of questions asked, so I’ll group them as such.

And I guess I’ll start with all the sex-related questions I was asked, since there were so many of them…. 😉

This is the “you’re going to learn more about Erik than you probably want to know” post.

When you were young and before you met HusBear, would you have considered having sex for money?

I would have considered sex for free had I not been scared of sex! These days, I have to pay people to have sex with me! 😉

What is your “I’m about to come” constellation? Husband begins breathing deeply, involuntarily twitching all his muscles, then making hot little noises. How ’bout you?

— Anonymously via email

I don’t know that I have one. I’m anticlimactic like that. Maybe I need to record a video to see.

What are your most sensitive parts, the places that really do it for you?

— Anonymously via email

I don’t really have any that I have found yet. Sadly, I think my wiring is faulty. Actually, I know I’m faulty. Nothing has really ever worked like it’s supposed to.

Does anything tender move you to tears?

— Anonymously via email

Nope. Again, faulty wiring.

What do you like the most, the best, sexually?

— Anonymously via email

I feel like I’m filling out one of those “about me” sections for those social apps. I love kissing, if the other person is a good kisser. I love rubbing bodies on each other. Hairy chest rubbing hairy chest. Hairy legs rubbing hairy legs. Facial hair rubbing facial hair. I love oral sex, both giving and getting.

What do you just love about being fucked?

— Anonymously via email

The feeling of a man on me and in me. It’s pretty much that simple.

What do you hate about sex?

— Anonymously via email

That I have sexual hangups. I am way to puritanical, and I know it. I blame my upbringing, and the fact that I just can’t get past certain things for some reason.

When was the very first time a man entered you? Was it good?

— Anonymously via email

I was 23 years old. After years of wondering, I finally got the nerve worked up to meet someone “to see how this all worked”. I was scared as hell. We went to his house. He put his hand on my knee. Started kissing me. Immediately the switch was thrown: I knew exactly who I was and where I was supposed to be. From there, clothes were removed and much exploring was had.

It was time. Parts were aligned. Penetration.

And it was good.

And there are more questions to be answered. Coming soon!

Until next time...

11 thoughts on “Questions answered… Let’s talk about sex.

  1. Our first times shared one vital element — the Aha! moment, the realization that this was how it was meant to be. Getting penetrated came later but was a similar revelation when it finally happened and my switch went from Top to Versatile.

  2. Erik, thanks for answering my question! Like Will said, my first time was also the biggest “Aha!” moment ever because I was 48 at the time. As to you having to pay for sex? Hah! I know your comment was tongue-in-cheek, but I’ll bet you’re more desirable than ever!

  3. This was a great post, thanks for sharing all this.
    I was sorry to read your answer to what you hate about sex; that you feel you have sexual hang ups. That’s a shame, I’m sorry you have to deal with that. It sounds though from other posts on your blog that you have a very loving relationship and a rich life. Hopefully the sexual hang-ups aren’t affecting your life in a big way.
    Best to you.

    1. The sexual hang-ups haven’t really been an issue when it comes to the Husbear and my relationship. It’s just when it comes to expanding my, er, sexual “horizons” that the hang-ups tend to get in the way.

  4. Immediately the switch was thrown: I knew exactly who I was and where I was supposed to be. From there, clothes were removed and much exploring was had.

    I really like this statement. It is exactly how I felt, when I first had gay sex, although I was a lot younger. It was like everything suddenly came together, all those confusing thoughts and feelings I had before, just evaporated. The sex wasn’t awesome but it had much longer lasting effect on me.

    1. It seems like a lot of us have that same moment of absolute certainty during that first moment of uninhibited exploration. It’s a shame that it seems to cloud back up for a lot of us later on though.

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