12 of 12, July 2012 edition

My seventh “12 of 12”.

All pictures were taken with my iPhone 3GS. I really need a new camera/phone. One of these days; one of these days. Click the images to enlarge, if you want a scare!

The 12 of 12 challenge was created by Chad Darnell and picked up from a number of random bloggers who then linked back to him and vice versa. Chad stopped doing the 12 of 12 links in December of 2011, so I’m linking to Blobby’s Blog as Blobby is the one who inspired me to do it. And someone should get some credit!

10:28 AM: I overslept a little bit today. By an hour-ish. My body normally wakes me up around 9:30. And yes, it really is that dark in the bedroom.
10:29 AM: The contact. Well, one of two. I’m back to wearing them again. Just because I have to wear reading glasses now when I work.
10:43 AM: Post-shower. That is all.
11:19 AM: Our corn doesn’t pop up in rows. I’m not even sure why we planted corn, actually. And so little of it.
11:21 AM: At the bottom of our property. Where we’re parking temporarily until we get the driveway grated. Again.
1:35 PM: Getting ready to tattoo! And I’m soooo not a fan of my reading glasses. Or the fact that I’m looking over the top of them.
2:49 PM: Hmm… possibly a new tattoo for moi? Then again, I already have one Dalek tattoo on my body.
7:56 PM: Just a quick snack. I think. I’m wondering why it reminds me of a Malox bottle….
9:33 PM: Driving home from the studio. And the store.
9:45 PM: The Husbear left me a little surprise in the fridge. One that my tummy doesn’t really need. But I’m sure I’ll eat it anyway.
9:50 PM: Someone wants something. Maybe she knows about that snack in the fridge that the Husbear left me.
10:02 PM: Tucking the Husbear into bed for the night.

Technically I’ll probably be up for another 3 hours, but I’ve already got 12 pictures here. And nothing else will probably happen that would be photo-worthy during those 3 hours. Because I’m boring like that. And because I need to press [Publish].

Until next time...

10 thoughts on “12 of 12, July 2012 edition

  1. You have to lose that damn towel one of these days…!
    Your cat is beautiful. Nice deep window sills, for sitting.

    1. The towel has a death grip, I tell you!

      The walls are thick in that room. It’s the only one we’ve gutted totally and put extra insulation in. The side effect is nice deep window sills for the kittehs!

  2. Egads, half my day is over by 1030AM !
    I think you glasses are sweet; and the last photo is the best of the bunch.

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