Monthly Archives: April 2008

Finger Bang!

It looks like homer wasn’t the only person to get a finger poke this week. I was the proud recipient of said greased up finger today as well. AFTER having my balls fondled and squeezed for a bit. My doctor is apparently thorough when it comes to the family jewels. Then he politely asked me to turn around and rest my elbows on the table at which point he used the ice cold lube from hell to aid his finger insertion which found it’s way DEEP into my rectum. I think he found my tonsils. I know where my prostate is, but I think he was checking the dark side of the moon.

I went in for the results of some lab work from “The Great Blood Taking” last week and got surprised with having this physical as well. And a tetanus booster. And an EKG. All the lab work came back negative and normal, so that’s good.

I guess he’s just being “cautious” since I have no idea of what my family medical history is (I’m adopted).

Still, you think they would at least have lube that’s warm…

Until next time...

Bored, bored, bored…

1 nice day outside for everyone else + being “on call” for the Retail Empire this weekend = 1 bored Erik

I’m bored…

I don’t like to ink when I’m on call. It never fails: I get started on a tattoo then the pager goes off and I have to stop. How would you like to be on the receiving end of the tattoo machine when that happens? I wouldn’t want to be, and I don’t want to subject that on any client.

I know I should be doing something artistic (like drawing) but for whatever reason I am not in the mood. Does that make me moody? And being bored is extremely dangerous for me. As proof I submit a picture of the floor I took:

Ugly carpet.

I swear it was an accidental picture….

And since it’s not really a good idea to look at porn online while I’m here at the tattoo shop, I guess I’ll just have to behave myself. At least there are all these blogs out here to read.

Until next time...

Unable to Connect to ME!

I seem to have had a little down-time with my web host this afternoon. While attempting to get to my blog, everyone (er, anyone?) received an error about being unable to establish a connection to the database.

The server was running out of memory. We were able to isolate the problem to a fellow shared hosting customer’s script and have stopped it. Things appear to be back to normal.

I love my web hosting company, Bitserve. They are VERY quick to respond and helpful! After doing I.T. all day during the week, the last thing I want to have to do is the same thing for myself on the weekend. I’m crazy that way.


Until next time...