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Almost time…

It’s that time of year again. Gay Days is almost upon us.

Gay Days 2003
Me and the husbear at Gay Days in 2003

The husbear and I usually make a pilgrimage to the Orlando-area every year at this time. And this year we’re coming down with two friends from the opposite side of the state!

We’ll be playing the roles of tourists this year. I know we’re going to see the Blue Man Group while we’re there. And there is the Tidal Wave party on Friday. Then there’s all the theme parks and hopefully a trip to the beach one day.

I was also hoping to have time to meet up with Sorted and Mike while we are there. I think we’re going to actually have a tight schedule while we’re down there, but I’m hoping to free up some time. And I still have to make some family time to see my new niece as well as the other nephew and niece (oh, and the siblings too).

Will anyone else be down in the Orlando-area next week?

Until next time...

My Buddy

I’d like to introduce you to someone I have referred to a few times here and there: my buddy.

This is pretty much how we act all the time…

Opposite sides of the fence we are on. As he put it: “He talks about cock and I go ‘Ewwwww’. I talk about pussy and he goes ‘Ewwwww’.”

Tragic, isn’t it? … he he he.

On Monday, the buddy and I go out to have a beverage of our favorite kind—alcohol. We belly up to the bar at one of the local restaurants/watering holes (even though we live in a dry country…) and start having a few rounds.

At some point, I lost my memory. Completely. I have been drunk before in the past, but this time only a few beers and this happens? This is new to me. So little alcohol. How is this possible? And I even didn’t finish a beer I had ordered!

I vaguely remember bits and pieces of the ride home. He, being somehow sober, was an awesome buddy and drove me all the way home. And apparently my demons came out on the ride home. After he gets me to the house, I remember absolutely nothing. The husbear says I was in rare form. I even fell down at some point. I’m sure he and the husbear had some good times teasing me.

I’m sure there’s a lesson in here. To me it is this: If you’re going to drink and then not remember anything, make sure you have your buddy with you who will take care of you.

Maybe he’ll make an appearance on here and fill in some of the blanks for everyone… and me!

Thanks buddy! I owe you a few beers….

Until next time...