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Poke Something into Your Eardrums!

I think this counts as my first “official” video post. Well, a video post that was at least purposefully done as such.

Ugh. My voice. And am I really that twitchy?

I’m not sure if I’ll do another one or not, but who knows.

There are actually a few other videos of me taken while I’ve been getting a tattoo, or tattooing, or a combination of both, all of which you can find under the tag “Videos of Me“.

Until next time...

Of Libraries and Fireplaces

I’ve been so busy playing catch up with everything else in life that I really haven’t gotten around to posting anything of substance since we returned from NOLA. That, and I’m still catching up with the blogs I follow.

StevieB asked to see everyone’s DVD collection. So here you go:

(click to see the library up close, if you dare…)

That’s our DVD/Blu-Ray collection. Mixed in with a more traditional form of entertainment: books!

Obviously this picture doesn’t include the (currently) 3 terabytes of movies and television series I have digitally stored on my computer, but who really wants to see a picture of my computer?

And before you ask, yes, the bookshelves are jutting out in to the middle of the room. My desk is located behind it at the moment. We’re toying with splitting the office into a closet and library, and the bookshelves are located on the line where the wall would be for the closet.

And as for the strange floating shape attached to the wall? The house has an unusually designed fireplace system. At least I think it’s unusual. The fireplace runs through all four rooms in the original part of the house, and then connects in the attic. From what we can tell, the two downstairs rooms originally had potbelly stoves in them. We’re not sure about the upstairs. The fireplace itself is currently unusable, so we covered the existing brickwork when we remodeled the rooms.

Here’s a simple front-view of the house and how the fireplace runs.

Weird, no?

Until next time...