A Poisoned Apple

The Husbear has been craving an iPhone for a long time. So I finally broke down, broke his contract with Sprint, and surprised him with an iPhone a few weeks ago. He’s been raving about it ever since. “It’s so simple to use,” he says. It must be, if he can use it without asking me to many questions on how to do this or that with it.

I have to admit: it was easy to set up. Ordered it online from Apple. FedEx delivered it to my doorstep. I opened the box, plugged it in to my computer, and walked through activation with iTunes. Simple.

After playing with his phone for a few days, I went and did the unthinkable. To me. After years of having several Windows Mobile devices (first my Motorola Q with Alltel, then my Motorola Q9c with Sprint) I purchased an iPhone for myself.

Those around me have known my vehement opposition to and ridicule of all things Apple. Not because I’m a “PC” (which I am!). I grew up building computers. That’s what made computers so interesting to me. The ability to build, modify, and play with all sorts of components of my choosing. And I could load almost any OS (Microsoft’s or others) on any hardware I put together. For me the opposition to all things Apple stemmed from their closed, proprietary technology.

So the last few days I’ve been trying to put into words the reason I switched.

I think the biggest reason for me as to why I went with the iPhone: a centralized location to find applications (at the App Store), and the fact that so many companies seem to be offering only iPhone-based applications and services.

I’ve easily found application replacements for everything I did with my WinMo device without having to search all over the Internet for them.

Had Microsoft done the smart thing years ago by creating a centralized application store, I think WinMo would have done extremely well outside the business world. Now they’re attempting to do just that. To late, in my opinion.

I still feel dirty for having taken a bite of the Apple. I’ve been assured by some of you out there who follow me on Twitter that the feeling will pass. I’m sure it will. But it’s still an odd feeling to have the “enemy” sleeping in my house.

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15 thoughts on “A Poisoned Apple

  1. I dislike the iPhone itself. Doesn’t really have anything to do with Apple – I own an iPod, afterall – or AT&T. I’m not a fan of phone devices that don’t have buttons.

    But when you get right down to it, my disdain for the iPhone is really a disdain for the lifestyle that requires one. In such a way, I’m constantly at odds with myself for using FaceBook or Twitter. “Do I really need this functionality?”, is the question I keep asking myself, and I’m coming back with a “No” more and more as the days go by.

    I’ll admit it’s a fairly sexy device, though. Just needs buttons.

    1. I don’t know about “the lifestyle that requires one” part. There are plenty of other tools I had on my WinMo device that weren’t related to social networking, and I have found the same thing true so far on the iPhone. And now I don’t need to lug around my iPod as well.

      I thought the lack of buttons would drive me nuts, but it’s actually something that hasn’t. While I miss the tactile keyboard at the moment, I find myself getting used to the touchscreen rather rapidly.

      I guess time will tell whether this holds true….

  2. I love how Apple instills a sense of discovery with all their product. Their manuals are incredibly lacking all the fun easter eggs you can find just by playing with their hardware/software.

    Inversely when Microsoft purposefully omits details intended to be “discovered” it usually makes people mad. Funny that.

    Welcome to the world of poseurs and pretension. Lets sextext!

  3. Ha! Feel the Apple force – it flows through the universe and everything in it. Let the Apple force flow through you Luke…er…um…Erik.

  4. As Apple has opened themselves up to compatibility with Microsoft, and becoming less proprietary by allowing app development– so should you feel ok about opening up to apple and their technology.

    Plus, how much are you loving your phone??

    PLUS plus, ALL teh gayz have ‘ ’em!!!

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