And… we’re back.

Actually, we’ve been back since late Thursday evening. But there was laundry and paperwork and other stuffs to do. Then playing catch up on blog reading. Then work Friday. Then playing catch up on blog reading. And work today (today being Saturday). And then there was the unplanned visit from my parental units. And then there was me trying to figure out how to import the photos I posted/post on my phone to Instagram to post to my blog. Then playing catch up on blog reading. And then there was me writing this post. Finally.

The Husbear and I drove a total of 2,070 miles from here through east and south Texas and back again. Actually, I drove. He was Ms. Daisy. That’s how we do. We pretty much went from here, to Dallas, to Galveston, to Padre Island/Corpus Christi, back to Galveston, then back home. It was a nice little anniversary get-away. And something we needed. “Us” time. If you scroll back through the posts on my blog, you’ll see some of the pictures I posted via Instagram. Or you can click that link I just posted. See, I’m not entirely lazy.

Back to that parental units thing I mentioned previously. Some of you on Facebook probably saw this status update on Wednesday, July 4:

Nice. Mom called. Her and dad are 2 hours away from Pea Ridge and wanted a surprise visit–only their third visit from Florida in the 20 years I’ve lived in Arkansas. Surprise! I’m vacationing 16 hours away in south Texas.

Funny how that works.

But alas, the parental units managed a visit today for about 3 hours, on their way back home to Florida from some antique auction in Missouri.

After which I posted this update today (Saturday):

My parental units just left, then the temperature just dropped from near 100 down to 74. And for the first time ever they didn’t bring up their issues with me being gay. Hell just froze over apparently.

The temperature actually did drop here. A storm–the first rain we’ve had in a month–rolled through the area.

I was dreading their visit. There’s usually some sort of verbal confrontation that occurs when we’re alone together. This time that didn’t happen.

Which has left me pondering….

But now I’m tired, and going to bed. It’s been a long day.

Until next time...

4 thoughts on “And… we’re back.

  1. So your parents actually hung around and waited until you guys got back from your vacation?? Uggh.

    At least their visit was… uneventful.

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