Bad combination

Bad combination: The iPod randomly shuffling to Gustav Holst’s “Mars, The Bringer of War” and being stuck behind a farm tractor on the highway during morning rush hour traffic.

In case you don’t know what the musical piece sounds like, here it is.

And yes, we have rush hour traffic here in Northwest Arkansas. Apparently children are too good these days to ride the buses, so the parents clog the roads all taking their spoiled brats to school at the same time we are all trying to get to work.

And then for whatever reason, some farm tractor driver decides he just has to get from one town to another on his tractor… at 10 miles per hour!

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7 thoughts on “Bad combination

  1. I’ve heard the piece before, but had no idea what the title was (much less where it comes from…)

    I can actually picture the tractor ahead of me.

  2. see now this is why i read your blog. it takes a lot to surprise me but you smacked me with the gustav holst. i agree w mike, it’s oddly familiar but for sure i’ve never sat down and listened to it before. the classical music freak outside my office just about fell off his chair. now i’ve surprised him. see how that works!

  3. Could’ve been worse. It could’ve been randomly followed up by Bernard Herrmann’s soundtrack from Psycho.

    What orchestra do you have doing the Planets? I always sort of liked Charles Dutoit and Montreal…

  4. me:
    I have a lot more surprises then, just like where that one came from! And I am glad to hear that my powers of “surprise” have even effected those within listening distance.

    Psycho would have been a nice touch.

    The copy I have on my iPod is the Chico Symphony Orchestra directed by James Levine. I’ll have to go find a copy by Charles Dutoit and the Montreal Orchestra now and give them a listen.

    I totally agree! Well, most farmers. I would not have complained about this one if he had been…

  5. You sound like me whining about the spoiled brats. LOL If it was not for them, I would not have had my wreck. Did you see my rampage about that on my blog? I always love when they whine about “childhood obesity.” Maybe if the brats had to walk to and from the bus, they would not be fat?
    And the traffic.. It takes me longer to get from Rogers to Bentonville during rush hour then it takes to drive from Philadelphia to New Jersey. I know this from experience. Growing up on a farm I spent many of hours on a tractor. I would always pull over and let traffic go. It seems I am the only one who did that.
    Ahh, I love you Erik, you always make me smile.

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