A better day than the day before

Today, started out painful. Literally. I woke up extremely sore from yesterday’s deconstruction of the tool shed. So I…

Tumble outta bed
And I stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition
And yawn and stretch
And try to come to life
Jump in the shower
And the blood starts pumpin’
Out on the street
The traffic starts jumpin’
The folks like me on the job from 9 to 5

I wish I just worked 9 to 5. Anyway, sorry for that moment of being sidetracked—that happens when I’m really, really tired.

I left the day job today at 12:30 to meet the husbear to going car “shopping”. We need to replace the Pontiac Grand Prix that has seen way, way better days (i.e., having the entire front-end replaced after I hit an ice patch and slid into a giant oak tree three months after we bought it; extreme hail damage during a tornado that actually caused enough damage to be totaled out; the husbear swerving to “miss a deer” and destroying the right side of the car after sliding down an embankment).

The husbear has been looking at vehicles for the last few months (going car “browsing” with his lesbian) and he pretty much decided he wanted a Toyota Prius due to good reputation over the last decade and great fuel economy as a hybrid. We headed down to the local Toyota dealership, and there it was on the showroom floor… the car my husbear wanted.

the husbear's new car... 'Lucy'
the husbear’s new car… “Lucy”

That had to be the best car purchasing experience I have ever been a part of. Ever. It didn’t hurt at all!

Now the husbear is giddy to be in his new car. He has named his Prius —”Lucy”. One big, homosexual guess as to why…

the husbear in his new car
the husbear in his new car

Oh, and my new glasses came in today…

My new glasses
My new glasses

What do you think? Do they make me look older? Should I really have been left unattended to pick out my own fashion?

Until next time...

10 thoughts on “A better day than the day before

  1. Lucy is a cutie.. I would pay to see the look on some of the “hybrid snobs” faces when they look over in to check out the fellow hybrid owner at the stop light. The shock of a burly tattooed bear behind the wheel. He does look good in it. I like the red..
    The new glasses look very “smart.” on you. They definitely give you a daddy look. Congrats. on your new specs.

  2. Lucy wasn’t a real red-head, I don’t know if your Husbear knows that or not. I won’t tell if you won’t.

    I like the glasses. Were you going for an older look? If so, I think that breaks a cardinal gay rule or something.

  3. Dan:
    The husbear is definitely not the typical-looking hybrid driver around these parts. I’m sure he will get a second look a time or two.

    The husbear knows Lucy wasn’t really a red-head, but he is a stylist/colorist so I guess that does give him a little leeway.

    Both you guys:
    It wasn’t my intent to look older, just more “learned”? Actually, after trying on glasses for about an hour, it was the only pair I kept going back to over and over. I couldn’t tell you why though… as I don’t know myself. But I would be one to break all the “gay rules”… I never received the handbook when I joined.

  4. love the car. love the glasses. they don’t really make you look older….i think it’s more a “retro cool and you so wish you could pull this look off” kinda thing. plus they’ll rock with your hat!

  5. MaryEllen is the LAST person to be talkin’ about an OLDER LOOK. I think she has been reading too much into her new AARP packet. God knows by looks, she doubled the age… I’m just sayin’.

    You look handsome!

  6. MaryEllen is the LAST person to be talkin’ about an “Older Look.” I think she has read too much into her AARP packet. I’m just sayin’.

    You look handsome with your new glasses.

  7. cb:
    I would have figured something like “Big Red Cock” since “Prius” looks like “Penis” to me… but I guess not.

    I’ll have to remember the ‘retro cool and you so wish you could pull this look off’ kinda thing”. I like that. And I never even thought about how they’d look with my hat on! Bonus!

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