Be Careful What You Ask For III

It’s been almost 2 years since I last did this this exact question, although in March I just asked a random question. But seeing that my brain has gone dry thanks to the excessive 100+ degree heat we’ve been having over the last few weeks, it seemed like a good opportunity to see what y’all have kicking around in your head.

Ask me a question about EACH (or any) of the following and I will post an answer:

  1. Friends
  2. Sex
  3. Music
  4. Religion
  5. Love
  6. Blogging

Until next time...

16 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Ask For III

  1. 2- Sex. What was your sluttiest, sleaziest, (yet fun) sexual experience?

    5- Love. Do you think you can successfully love more than one person at the same time?

  2. Friends – You are having an existential crisis and need to get something off of your chest immediately. A confession as it were. Who are you most likely to tell? A friend in person, a friend via voice/text/email/letter, an internet bud, a stranger on a chat site, or someone else? Who and why?

    Sex – When was the last time you shot over your head?

    Music – If the B-52s were a food, what would it be and what would you do with it?

    Religion – Are all people born innocent, or are some damned right from the start?

    Love – Do you believe in love?

    Blogging – Who is your favorite blogger in Dayton, Ohio?

  3. What stupid things have you done for love? These could be trivial things, or these could be humongous life-lessons. Do you have spontaneous orgasms when you’re on the bottom? Do you know the ASCII values for space-char, return and newline by heart? 🙂 (well, it’s a computer question and blogging is done on computers …)

  4. Would you have sex with a friend while listening to music if he loved hating religion, knowing he would blog about it the next day?

  5. Sex, you’ve spoken of you lack of desire. Do you find sex with strangers (like when you were in New Orleans) “easier”? When you are on vacation do you play together with hook ups? You and the Husbear are smokin’ hot. So one would figure that you both get naked on a regular basis…when you are not in the mood what does the Husbear do with his sexual energy.
    Blogging…. When are you going to stop teasing all of us and give a full frontal pic ?
    And Thank you for sharing you life with us all. I look forward to seeing what you post next.

  6. Do you believe in the type of friendship portrayed on TV such as in “Friends” and “Sex and the City” – lifelong friends that stay together no matter what – and have you ever found such a friendship (“my spouse is my best friend” relationship aside) or do you believe, like most things in life, friendships are transitory and have a shelf life? Do you believe that people who have never met in person but only interact via the interwebs can truly be said to have a friendship? Do you believe friends have or should have any sort of obligation to you or responsibility for nurturing your friendship, or are they merely people you enjoy spending time with but are, in essence, outsiders who play no real role in your life beyond entertaining you and sharing the snacks?
    Do you believe sex between friends is a bad idea? Is it possible for two people to have a sexual experience together without it completely disrupting their friendship and ability to function “normally” afterwards as they might have before? If not, why do you think sex is the one thing two people can’t do together without it becoming a “thing” that must change the nature of their relationship and/or ability to be friends? Is that a natural occurrence or is it because of how we have been raised and socialized to believe sex is something that should only occur within the parameters of societal acceptability and endorsed relationships?

    Why do you think people identify with/support/love the music/musicians they do so fervently, to the point of waiting in line 10 hours for tickets or hating people who do not share their love for the pop star du jour or make videos on you tube crying because people are picking on their favorite diva? (I’m not talking “I love this band and have all their albums and would love to see them in concert” kind of fandom; I’m talking “If you say a bad thing about Madonna I will stab you with this knife because I sold a kidney once to buy nose bleed tickets at a concert that raises money for a hospitality house that is next door to where a guy lived that once saw Madonna in an airport” kind of fandom.) Is there any music or musician that has earned such devotion from you ever and if so who?

    Why do you think people are so desperate to hold onto and perpetuate religion, despite all the damage it causes, harm it does and lies it spreads and, more specifically, why do you think gay and lesbian people continue to want to be part of religious organizations that continue to attack and reject and despise them?

    Do you believe love is an act, decision, emotion or all three? What constitutes “true love” in your mind and do you think that people ever experience the same kind of love as others do or do you think love is an individual and unique experience for each of us, much like “no two snowflakes are the same.” Piggy-backing on CB’s question above, do you think “true love” can be had for more than one person at a time? If marriage were abolished and people were encouraged to experience and enjoy sex with others without shame or hesitancy as their natural urges dictated, do you think love would become obsolete or do you think people would still naturally pair up, some for life, even without the societal pressure, support and encouragement to do so?

    How has Blogging evolved/changed since you started blogging and do you think it is for the better or worse? Does blogging seem to lose any of its relevance now that it is being done by the masses or is it more relevant now that it seems everyone and their dog is doing it? Do you think there is a “blogging community” and do you feel any kind of connection to other bloggers that is based on the fact that you both blog? In other words, does discovering another person blogs hold any relevance to you or give you any sense of connection to them because of this commonality?

  7. Friends – Did you ever watch it? What did you think?
    Sex – everyone else is asking questions on this front, so I’ll pass ta. ;o)
    Music – What’s the music you put on to calm you down when you’re stressed or angry or upset?
    Religion – are you religious at all?
    Love – What food do you absolutely love?
    Blogging – I love that you do. Thank you :o)

  8. Friends and Sex: Do you and/or Hubby have sex with friends? Do you think it is possible to have sex with friends without ruining the friendship?

    Love: Do you as a gay man think there are different kinds of love, and that you can love some or many others in different ways simultaneously?

    Religion: Are you religious or, if not, are your spiritual?

    Blogging: Do you have blogger crushes? Have you ever acted on them if you do, or would you?

  9. Ok here’s my shot:

    1. Friends – Q: What would be a deal breaker in your friendship with someone?
    2. Sex – Q: Would you let someone kiss you after they rimmed you?
    3. Music – Q: If you could see any band live that you’ve never seen before, which would it be?
    4. Religion – Q: Do you think that being gay and religious can be possible without conflict?
    5. Love – Q: Do you feel that romantic love is for everyone or only a select few?
    6. Blogging – Q: What’s a subject you would never blog about?

  10. Have you ever had sex with a blogger buddy; have any bloggers actually become ‘real Friends”?

    Do you have any special music that transports you to the Divine?


    Love – who has loved you the most?

  11. 1. Friends – Have you ever secretly fell in love with a friend?
    2. Sex – In one word, what was the first time with a guy like?
    3. Music – What single genre of music would most represent who you are? (Not necessarily your favorite)
    4. Religion – Is there anything you miss about being involved in the church of your youth?
    5. Love – Do you have “one that got away?” and if so, have you since bought better handcuffs?(j/k)
    6. Blogging – Do you feel you express yourself better in written form?

  12. I don’t see your responses to the be careful what you ask for… I looking in the wrong spot?

  13. I’ve started answering and publishing all the questions asked up to this point. If you want to ask questions and haven’t, well, I’m not sure what to tell you. 😉

  14. I know I’m late to the game….
    What do you love about blogging?
    What don’t you like about blogging?
    What is something that you love (have passion for)?

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