Burning off some steam…

With the events of the last couple days, I needed to let off some “steam”. For me, that sometimes means getting a little ink done.

I added another koi to my sleeve-in-progress.

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click to supersize

I gave him a handlebar mustache because he needed it.

We will get to the color at some point in the future. I’m just glad to have gotten poked. Thank you, [She Who Shall Not Be Named, At Her Request]. Love you!

Oh—and no, it didn’t hurt that much under the arm. But pain is relative.

Until next time...

12 thoughts on “Burning off some steam…

  1. Damn that looks nice.

    I seriously need to send you a pic of my tat to see what you would do with it. It will give me a reason to come visit you guys.

  2. @all:
    Thank you! As always, the fun parts in the healing….

    @Dead Robot:
    I always liked that “sketchy” look. We’re probably going to re-outline my existing ink to come close to that style. Nothing like changing your mind part way through…

    Send ’em to me. I’ll see what we can come up with. And as if you need a reason to come visit 😉

    I’ve still got lots of nekkid skin for that. Unless, of course, I lose all those locations and only have that arm left…

    If that’s all it takes to make your day… 😉

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