Needing A Distraction

I needed to be distracted. Being distracted stops me from having to ponder the things that I ponder when I’m not distracted.

He’s a good start. He’s got ink, is scruffy and is pleasant on my eyes…

This one’s pretty to look at, and appears to hang out at a decorated location…

This one is my idea of a “hayseed”…

And this one’s for homer

this one gets bigger when you click it

I guess that’s a good start at being distracted….

Now if my belly would just quit rumbling like it is.

Until next time...

11 thoughts on “Needing A Distraction

  1. #1 – You know he’s going to ride you hard and put you away wet.
    #2 – “Not on the couch! It’s imported Italian silk!”
    #3 – A ramshakle house in the background and a nekked cowboy in the foreground…PORN MOVIE set! Where do I sign up?
    #4 – Looks tough, but will make you breakfast in the morning, THEN make you wait on the porch for your cab!

  2. @homer:
    I try… I try 😉

    I’d say those two are my favorites as well…

    That’s me… helping to provide a public service 🙂

    #3 is a weekend at my house! 😀

    Now I have a name… and more pictures! Thank you! He definitely is a man of many styles and faces.

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