“Couldn’t sync posts” message ONLY via cell network

I posted this over on the WordPress for iOS forum, but I thought I should post it here as well in case any of my readers are experiencing a similar issue.

With both the 3.0 and 3.0.1 WordPress for iOS] app, whenever I attempt to connect to my self-hosted WP blog via my cell network, I receive the error: “Couldn’t sync posts: It seems your WordPress site is not accessible at this time, please try again later”. If I turn on wireless, it connects correctly.

This only happens with one of my sites. Three of them connect fine over either connection.

The site in question is running WP ver 3.3.2.

I see that other people are having a similar issue with the “Couldn’t sync posts” error, but I haven’t seen where anyone has noticed a difference between cell networks and wireless networks.

I’m curious if any of my readers use the WordPress for iOS app on their iPhone/iPad and are having a similar problem?

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4 thoughts on ““Couldn’t sync posts” message ONLY via cell network

  1. I had my blog hosted by WP way back when. …and in recent months those of you who use WP are fucking up my comments (you seem to be an exception). IF I want to leave a comment on a WP blog, I have to log into my old WP account, which then links me to the old version of my blog. There seem to be no other options. So as it stands, those w WP blogs see fewer and fewer comments from me. Yes, I’m off topic, but I’m ranting.

    1. I’ve noticed that with bloggers who have blogs hosted by WP, as opposed to those of us bloggers who host our own WP blogs.

      It took me a while to figure out how to modify my settings over on wordpress.com, but I finally did. And now everything points to my blog here.

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