12 thoughts on “What the…?

  1. I *think* it’s a barbarian rennie showing someone that he isn’t regimental. Everything else about his costume looks authentic… until you get to the Superman briefs.

    But Woof! none the less….

  2. I’m kinda liking the nice thick hairy thighs…and would like to get a little (a lot) closer to his bulging package.

  3. VIGILIS IN TENEBRIS…I, too, am finding it fascinating.

    a sentinel, or beacon of light, or lighthouse, in the darkness

    a metaphor for Superman’s (see the Superman logo, the “S” shield on the briefs) swollen cock being a beacon, or “vigilis”, hidden under the opaque (meaning the light doesn’t shine through because the cock, or beacon, or “vigilis” is hidden in darkness “in tenebris” under the fabric of the briefs)

    Way cool. Thanks for the post, my friend!


  4. Well, he may be “in the dark,” but he sure is Very Well Equipped. And the thighs are the stuff of palpitations.

  5. &, most saliently, his up-front stogee tells us that we’re seeing an alpha macho dominating daddy Superman…Yes, Sir! How may I serve you?!

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