Our dishwasher of 10 years has been a little cantankerous as of late.

It started leaking during one of the cycles a while ago, and I thought I had it fixed.

Apparently not. It started leaking again.

So, being the somewhat stubborn man I am, I started taking the dishwasher apart. With the little things. Like the interior vent screen.

And what I discovered was rather nasty.


That’s 10 years of who knows what. Buildup from our well water? Aerated food particles? Who knows.

I scraped out all the stuff.



The stuff had corroded one of the seals inside the door, which was allowing the water to leak into the door and out the machine.

I temporary replaced the seal with some seals I had laying around. Go figure. The hoarder in me.

I also ordered a replacement seal online for a more permanent solution.

I guess maybe I need to do a little more maintenance on the washer one of these days.

And figure out what we might have been drinking from the tap before we installed the house filters a few years ago.

At least the stuff didn’t smell.

Until next time...

14 thoughts on “Gunk

  1. I saw the word “gunk” on the post and I had to look, much like someone who has to smell after someone says “ew, smell this”. That is some nasty gunk, for sure. It’s amazing how much we live with our own dirt.

  2. If you’d like to keep that gunk from building up again, once a month run an empty dishwasher using TANG as the detergent. Seriously – the huge amount of citric acid that is in TANG will clean the inside of your dishwasher and keep the filter from getting gunky as often.

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