Hi-Fi Friday: April 15, 2016

It’s April. This month got here speedily. As it was Blobby‘s turn to pick the theme, he chose… thoroughfares: Streets, Lanes, Roads, Freeways, Trails. Paths. But no Stairways!

No Stairway? Denied!

And it’s Tax Day. Of which mine still aren’t done yet. Luckily, thanks to Emancipation Day, I have until Monday. But I’m going to do my dangdest to get them done by tonight.

So this song seems fitting. At least in my head. This month has just been grinding on me. I feel stressed, and I’m starting to be tired all the time. Deep breaths aren’t working. And neither has the booze.

Green Day’s “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”:

Until next time...

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