Hi-Fi Friday: March 10, 2017

My turn to pick the theme for the month. After two other… failed… suggestions, we agreed upon songs by Irish bands. Seems appropriate with it being March and all? But I think U2 should be left out. Since, well, U2.

Sinéad O’Controversy. But before she had that, er, title, she was well, just Sinéad. While her popularity has been somewhat lacking for the last two decades, she’s still putting out music. But I still enjoy listening to her 1990 album “I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got”.

And from that album, I give you Sinéad O’Connor’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”:

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2 thoughts on “Hi-Fi Friday: March 10, 2017

  1. Two things: Love that song and I didn’t know there was a video for it. And while I’ve already made my month selections, O’Connor never hit my radar, which seems very odd to me.

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