Hi-Fi Friday Saturday: November 28, 2015

November’s Hi-Fi Friday / My Music Monday theme is “The Worst Song From Your Favourite Artists.” I picked the theme. And Blobby was all in agreement. Because we all hate to love, or love to hate, a good train wreck. You know, like Judy!

“Worst” is relative. What I might dislike, I’m sure someone out there must like. Someone at the record label must have since it hit the album.

This challenge was more difficult than I anticipated. I’ve gone through the entire discography of bands I love, and some of them don’t seem to have a bad song (to me): Hootie & The Blowfish, Information Society, CAKE, Matchbox 20, Jimmy Buffett, “Weird Al” Yankovic.

I’m failing on getting things posted in a timely manner these days. Life has been busy. Or I’m a bad judge of time. More the latter, methinks.

I’m a fan of Alanis Morissette. It started with the Jagged Little Pill album in 1995. Twenty years ago! She has 8 studio albums under her belt, but only 6 have been released in the US. The first two were only in her home country of Canada. And probably for a good reason. They’re definitely not what we have come to know of Alanis.

One of which is where this little gem from 1992 came from. I give you “Real World”:

To be fair, almost every song on the album “Now is the Time” is just as bad. Or at least not what we came to know as “Alanis”. But it is like watching a train wreck. In reverse.

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