If a Bear Poops in the Woods…

From Spud Comics.

I’ve often wondered… “Why toilet paper?” Why not old magazines, or jets of water, or corn cobs, or shells, or our right hands?

And is the need to wipe our butts something experienced through all cultures historically? Or do/did some cultures just not care about having 50 brands of pulped tree products with which to wipe?

I wonder if anyone’s ever done a historical study?

And what about humans who have excessive hair in their… “zone”? Do they have to pre-shave? It’s bad enough shaving my face. I can’t imagine having to clipper cut between my cheeks on a regular basis.

Not that I mind seeing a nice furry butt from time to time…

(lick to embiggen)

Am I the only one who ponders these kinds of things?

Until next time...

13 thoughts on “If a Bear Poops in the Woods…

  1. I was pondering….then I saw the pic! What was the question???
    I want to get up close and personal with that fine hairy ass.

  2. I forgot to mention – ‘why not use our right hands?”
    well for a long while people used their LEFT hands, as right hands were the useful/social one. It is one of the explanations why the left is considered ‘bad’.

    1. I know that’s actually still big in some cultures. I worked with a lot of Hindi when I was at the Wal-Mart Home Office, and they would only shake right hands because of that.

  3. I’m probably in the minority here, but that butt, as shapely and muscular as it is, does nothing for me. I know, I know – anti-fur infidel! LOL

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