Incoming Message, Captain…

I am probably not a “normal” person in my GenX age demographic when it comes to methods of communicating with others. Actually, I am fairly certain I am not normal in general, but that is for another post. For communicating I prefer to text from my phone (my awesome MotoQ that I have hacked and tweaked the hell out of), then instant message from my PC, then email LONG before I want to talk on the telephone. I’m sure that says something about my social skills—or lack of them. Or does it? I am still being sociable to the person the message is being sent to, aren’t I?

Erik texting his bff

Anyway, what prompted me to write this was a blog post about the true cost of SMS messages. Wow! Cell providers have obviously seen that they can make butt-loads of money off of people from just text message costs alone. And people have no current “alternative” when it comes to text messages—no cell phone equals no text messages equals no means of instant communication.

There has got to be some free alternative out there that can be adopted en masse… somewhere. Over the rainbow. I’m sure. How does that whole communicator thing work in the Star Trek universe? Anyone have ideas of a possible alternative?

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  1. Yeah, I dont even hit 100 minutes on my phone. Just I have a 1000 text plan on my phone. Me and the hubby text waaaay more than we talk. Wish I could IM on my phone, but its f___ing outrageous how much you have to pay for that, due to having internet on your phone.

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