iOS 10 Music app fail…

I’ve been ranking my songs in iTunes and on my iPhone using the star rating system for… ages. Most of my playlists involve the use of the stars to sort what I want to hear.

After upgrading to iOS 10, I couldn’t find the ability to modify the rating anywhere aside from Apple’s new thumbs-up or thumbs-down feature, which is not granular enough… for me.

After a bit of Google-sleuthing, I discovered this feature is no longer available in the iOS Music app, with no way to rate a song as it plays on my iDevice. (It can still be accessed via iTunes… for now.) Thanks for yanking an old feature, Apple.

Luckily, some developer out there has created an app that allows me to still do that, as both a widget and in it’s app. It’s called “Music Rating Widget”, and can be found at

Totally worth the $0.99. For me.

I can now still rate the new music I get as I play it, and adjust older ratings as my tastes change.


Until next time...

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