14 thoughts on “It’s “Ask Me A Question” Time Again.

    1. I don’t know that I have any craving to really travel out of country, but if I had to pick some place I think it would be either Australia or New Zealand. Mostly because of the indigenous life forms that live there. And the scenery.

    1. I wanted to be an astronaut or a fireman. I’m not sure why I wanted to be a fireman. As for the astronaut, I always had a fascination with space. It seems neither of those options came to fruition.

  1. From what I “know” of you on your blog, you are a really nice person. Are you aware of just how handsom of a man you are? Or are you just to modest?

    1. Well thank you very much! I am certain I have self-esteem issues that prohibit me from thinking that or believing I’m handsome, regardless of what other people tell me, even my Husbear. So I don’t think modesty would be an appropriate description in this case.

    1. About 5 years ago. And it was more a question from someone to me as to “Why aren’t you a tattooist?” rather than a “Hey, I want to be a tattooist.”

      I used to do lots of art-related stuffs when I was younger, but it was more a creative hobby than something I thought anyone could ever make money to live. My parents used to encourage my artwork, but only as a hobby and not as a career. So when it came time for college, I did something totally different.

      I had gotten a few tattoos before I became a tattooist. And people who knew me knew I was artistic. It took someone asking me why I wasn’t a tattooist before I got the notion to do it.

    1. Since you asked me this on Monday, and I didn’t answer it until today, I guess it’s too late to have supper now?

      But if it was now ending tomorrow instead of today, I’m really not sure what I would have for supper. I’m not really a food person. I mostly eat because I have to, and not because I have a hankering for something. I’d probably have steak, or a pepperoni and onion pizza, or maybe a Lucky dog.

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