Mike Huckabee Wants You To Sign The Anti-Gay “Manhattan Declaration”

Taken from Joe. My. God.:

Calling it a “historic document,” Mike Huckabee is asking his viewers to sign the anti-gay Manhattan Declaration, which calls on Christians to disobey laws that protect LGBT people from discrimination. The DeMoss Group is hosting the declaration online and has the complete list of right wingers, clergy, wingnuts, and hate group leaders that have signed.


I understand the concept of when the “law of man” conflicts with “God’s law” that Christians disregard or refuse to obey the law of the land. That’s how “they” got away with slavery, prohibiting interracial marriages, keeping women subservient and as property, etc., for so long.

It’s against the law (of man) to break the speed limit? Yet I wonder how many people do that on their way to church every Sunday?

And don’t even get me started on how “they” feel about divorce and the “Sanctity of Marriage” argument.

So much for removing the plank from one’s own eye first….

Following the “logic” Mr. Huckabee, et al., have stated here, how long before this “Declaration” will be amended eventually to state it is okay to kill people “God” disagrees with?


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4 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee Wants You To Sign The Anti-Gay “Manhattan Declaration”

  1. Well, personally I’ve always thought that Manhattan should be for straights. After all, there IS Queens…

  2. I always find it interesting when people mention Martin Luther and his posting of the 95 Thesis. So many people do not realize that Martin Luther was raised in the catholic church. THe clergy in Martin Luther’s church would always nail something to the door. All would come and read it and then they would ponder on it and gather later to discuss it. Martin Luther never wanted to create his own branch of Christianity. He just noted some things that he saw as hypocritical and thought this should be discussed. So much has been made out of what he did that day… I could go on and on.

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