Motorola Q9c timestamp issue?

I switched wireless providers this weekend from Alltel to Sprint. Mostly due to price of service and services offered for said price.

I got a Motorola Q9c. I love it, as it’s a definite upgrade from the Motorola Q I had with Alltel.

But I now have one problem with it, and to me it’s a biggie. When I am roaming (which I am out where we live) the timestamps on incoming SMS (text) messages are either off by 1 hour in the future or 2 hours in the past. This makes reading a conversation a little difficult. It’s almost as if it’s bouncing from East Coast to West Coast. And they SO don’t want me to start hacking around the registry on it. Because I will. (And I have already too).

Anyone else out there have this model phone and experiencing that problem? I’ve been able to find a few posts here and there with people experiencing similar issues but none have had a resolution yet.

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3 thoughts on “Motorola Q9c timestamp issue?

  1. Motorola has confirmed that it’s a known software flaw. There may be a patch for this in five to six weeks. I highly doubt there is any home remedy for this flaw. Registry hacks are only good if you’re hacking something that’s already functional. Or you could decompile the OS, find the bug, repair it, and recompile, but I don’t think you can or should do that!

  2. @Mike:
    Roaming is that think that happens when one lives out in B.F.E…. 🙁

    Thanks for the info Ron. I noticed they posted WM6.1 while I was out traveling. I’m working on updating the phone now. Let’s see if they fixed it.

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