Sorry I’ve been heavy on the non-meaty bloggy stuff as of late. I’ve never been much of a blogger for meaty stuff, I guess.


I can’t believe this is from 1985. That fact makes me feel old… er.

They had my attention at “Parthenogenesis“. Seriously. How does one fit that in as a lyric?

I actually liked other songs on Shriekback’s “Oil & Gold” album way more than this, particularly “Faded Flowers“, “This Big Hush“, “Fish Below the Ice“, and “Everything That Rises Must Converge“. Okay, there’s no song on the album I don’t like. “Nemesis” is just the song that seemed to make the rounds in my neck of the woods in Florida.

And why do all videos from the ’80s seem so… bad? I know it was a relatively new genre at the time, but still.

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5 thoughts on “Parthenogenesis

  1. Love these guys. Great song.

    I’ve been checking out The Cruxshadows lately. Particularly “Foreverlast.” And Kate Bush: “King of the Mountain.” The Alarm’s “Rain in the Summertime.” Belouis Some’s “Some People.” And World Party’s “Ship of Fools.”

  2. That was one of my favorite songs from the Summer of 1985. We used to dance to that at the Nectarine Ballroom in Ann Arbor. It is on my Ipod.

  3. I love this song and Shriekback! I remember taking physiology and anatomy in college and having the term parthenogenesis come up and being excited. I still don’t see how it works into the song, but it is a song and a time in life that makes me smile.

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