Pop goes the Bacon ‘cuz the Bacon goes Pop

Bacon is good. Everyone knows this. Even the people who don’t eat bacon.

The Fabulous GypsyBiscuit knows my love of the meat—er, bacon—and upon seeing the following product at one of the shopping establishments she frequents, she obtained a box for me.

I present to you: J&D’s Bacon Pop! It’s bacon-flavored popcorn. Or at least that’s what they’re selling it as.

As it was popping in the microwave, it oddly sounded like bacon cooking on the stove top. Though I’m not sure if I was just hearing things. I still have two more bags remaining that I can pop to see if I was hallucinating. Or not.

Once popped, it kind of smells like bacon. But it doesn’t look like bacon. But it does look like dirty popcorn. And it’s kind of weird that I ate it considering I have issues with dirty-looking food.

Eating it, I didn’t think it really tasted like bacon. Which is sad. Because I was really craving some bacon. It tasted more like hickory-smoked popcorn to me. But not bacon.

And then there was the aftertaste.

It leaves a really funky aftertaste in your mouth. I don’t even know if I can describe it. The view into the empty bag might give you an indication of what I was thinking that aftertaste tasted like:

My suggestion: if you are craving bacon, just cook up some bacon.

But thank you to The Fabulous GypsyBiscuit for thinking of me!

Until next time...

13 thoughts on “Pop goes the Bacon ‘cuz the Bacon goes Pop

  1. Well…that guy at the store said it really tasted like bacon. Just goes to prove you can’t trust “that” guy. Sorry it sucked and not in a good way!

  2. that last pic just looks like someone forgot to wipe. …but now that I’ve said that, enjoy those other two bags you have left.

  3. Erik – Dude, I used to work at a restaurant that served bacon popcorn. Here’s what you do – cut up about 3-5 strips of bacon and fry in the pan until the fat is rendered. While the bacon is cooking pop some unsalted microwave popcorn. When the popcorn is popped, add it to the cooked bacon and bacon grease and toss in a large bowl. Best shit in the world. Instant bacon popcorn – pfsssssssst. 🙂

    1. I’ll try that recipe the next time I have some bacon on hand.

      Of course, if I had just cooked bacon anyway, I wouldn’t have made the popcorn to begin with…. 😉

  4. Being a nutritionist, my eyes crossed …. “This is just wrong!” But hey, snacks aren’t health food as you probably know !

  5. As Urspo might put it, I’m mad crazy for bacon. but I know I musn’t, so I only indulge when I’m at a hotel breakfast buffet or something like that and the bacon is cooked extra crispy — then binge.

  6. I’ve tried chocolate covered bacon before and it was mighty tasty. Most of these popcorn flavors tend to be fails. I recall in the late 80’s or early 90’s Orville Redenbacher came out with some flavor packets u put in popcorn like sour cream & onion and Cheddar. They didn’t last very long.

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