Question of the Day… (this might be NSFW)

What do you do with your arms when you sleep?

I always have a hard time figuring out a way to get comfortable with my arms when I’m trying to go to sleep. Sometimes I lay on them when I sleep on my belly, sometimes they’re curled up like I’m impersonating a T-Rex, and sometimes they’re wedged under a pillow.

No position seems entirely conducive to falling asleep. One would think after 36 years of sleeping almost every night, I would have figured it out by now.

And while I’m on the subject, how do you fall asleep: on your back? side? stomach? sitting up?

Or possibly like this?

Update: I modified the title by adding the “(this might be NSFW)” to it. Apparently this one is a little “edgy”….]

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10 thoughts on “Question of the Day… (this might be NSFW)

  1. I fall to sleep on my stomach with my arms hugging the pillow and my hands underneath. I would not be opposed to falling asleep like the above picture should either become available as a sleeping partner.

  2. I do have the same problem and have to roll around a couple time during the night. I usually sleeps on my side, though I wouldn’t mind sleeping head to toe naked like the sexy dudes in the pic unless my partner is a fart machine. lol

  3. I should probably also say that I often hoist one arm over the Husbear too. But he’s like a furnace and after a little bit my arm goes to sleep and I’m burning up.

  4. I generally sleep either 1) fully on my right side with my right arm under the pillow or 2) halfway on my left side with my left hand under my chin. Not sure why my sleeping styles are asymmetric. Of course, given the option, I’d definitely sleep on top of what’s going on in that photo.

  5. Left side, arms curled up under head (and pillow) with my trusty CPAP machine on. I look like the midnight snorkeler. Sleep apnea is a bitch, but with the machine, no snoring. I sleep like a rock (a hot rock, so I’m told).

  6. I usually start out the night on my stomach, my arms underneath my pillow. I usually wake up on my left side. I give my partner (an ever changing number) about five minutes of cuddling and then it’s “Get off me!”.

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