Saturday Happenings.

A rare Saturday off for both myself and the Husbear. Of course, we have our never-ending to-do list of things to do.

A couple of weeks ago, we made our first attempt at leveling the bathroom floor. It was mostly successful. Mostly. There were a couple spots that were a little off the mark. Okay, a lot. It looked like Stevie Wonder leveled it in places.

So we grabbed another seven bags of self-leveling concrete to put down a thin top coat. Which we did this morning.

The final coat of self-leveling floor is down. And done! (Hopefully.)
The final coat of self-leveling floor is down. And done! (Hopefully.)
Shiny and wet. Just like we like it. And hopefully level.
Shiny and wet. Just like we like it. And hopefully level.

And then since I was in “go” mode, we headed to Lowe’s so I could pick up a door. Because the Husbear put the Yaksmas tree up yesterday. And we all know what the kittehs do with that!

The only solution we have found that worked, which we did last year, was to put up a door that bars them access to the living room when we aren’t present. Last year’s solution was temporary when we installed it. So this year I went with a more permanent solution. One that we could leave up year-round.

Sliding Door v2.0!

The new, and this time permanent, cat door.
The new, and this time permanent, cat door.
The door as viewed from within the living room... it just needs some paint.
The door as viewed from within the living room… it just needs some paint.

I headed back to Lowe’s again for door hardware. But I need a bolt to install it. And I don’t want to go back to Lowe’s for the third time today. It’ll have to wait.

And then some paint.

But the Yaksmas tree is secure! And the bathroom floor is (hopefully!) level!

Until next time...

14 thoughts on “Saturday Happenings.

  1. Looking good. How far of a drive is Lowe’s? I have 4 Home Depots and a Lowe’s within 30 mins of my place. One is only 10 mins away but has the worst parking lot design and shares it with walmart – I avoid it always because traffic can back up to 30 mins or more and it’s a low end location.

    1. Thank you.

      There are two Lowe’s within 20 minutes of the house. There is a Home Depot about the same distance, but we don’t like it. They never have anything in stock. And tend to be higher priced than the Lowe’s are.

  2. Poor kitties – deprived of what little fun they get as house cats. Luckily we’ve been blessed with ones who just want to drink the water and not climb. Well, one did – once. I like the shiny wet floor. it looks neat.

    1. They have plenty of fun chasing bugs that get into the house. They don’t need the tree.

      The floor isn’t shiny any longer. It finally dried and is a dull color now. Not that it matters, it’s going to be tiled over here shortly anyhow. 😉

  3. I like the sliding door, great idea (I intalled one in my condo to solve a design flaw.) Spend lots a Lowes (my retirement acccount owns stock.) DG

  4. But the kit-tehs love the tree! How else will they give you glitter litter?

    I can’t help but admire your DIY home improvement skills. Stevie Wonder would be much better at leveling a floor than I would be.

    1. No glitter! No glitter!

      Thank you. I tend to think it’s something anyone could do. Or at least that’s how I approach it. I guess that’s the tinkering nature in myself.

  5. I love the door too. And I am just fascinated that there is such a thing as self leveling concrete. How the heck does that work?

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