7 thoughts on “Southern Decadence?

  1. Man, sure is tempting this year with the gay rebuild of New Orleans. Wonder if it will be as wild as in the past??? Grrr….


  2. @Thomas:
    The last few years before Katrina, things were being “made” to calm down. But since Katrina, Decadence has gone back to its wild roots. Last year, we watched several people with their cocks out mere feet from stationed police officers.

    New Orleans has pretty much said they need the money from events like this, and their turning a blind eye to it (or in some cases watching it… he he) has allowed it to be the wild place Bourbon Street was known for.

    Hopefully it will last for many years to come.

    Yes… it’s alive and well still. I’ve only been tossed out of one bar in all my life… and it was the Rawhide. You don’t want to know.

  3. Oh Erik, you know we are all forming images in our heads of how you got tossed out of the Rawhide. Never been to SD. Had not even heard of it until I moved to Arkansas. From what I have heard, it as very wild.. Maybe someday..

  4. For a number of years I lived less than a block from Rawhide. SD is still a very wild party and a great spectacle for visitors wanting to let their hair (or pants) down. And honestly a good bang for the buck. I’ve had even better times though when no special event was going on. The last time I was in the Quarter I went to Rawhide, got a free bbq hamburger, a free beer for guessing a number, and met a hot guy who gave me a great bear hug before I left. Not bad for a regular day.

  5. @moby:
    That would pretty much be my story as well. Kid in a candy store, etc.

    Except I hadn’t made it quite all the way to the back yet… apparently they had a rule about that.

    Maybe I’ll blog sometime about earlier experiences I had in my life….

    A great bear hug is always a plus!

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