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Day Five: Hangovers, Elvis, and Wanderings

A day with no driving! Well, at least no long distance driving. Thursday is the wedding day for our daughter.

The wedding wasn’t until 4, so in the morning the Husbear and I drove down to the strip and walked around the Venetian hotel/casino complex for a while.

On the way back to the hotel, we met one of my readers, Mike in LAS, crossing the road. He was there working, saw me, and said howdy! Howdy Mike. I’m sorry we didn’t get to spend more time together this trip.

We then headed back to our hotel, as the Husbear was doing our daughter’s hair before the wedding. Since he’s a cosmetologist and all. 😉


After that, it was time for us to get ready and head to the chapel for the wedding.

We clean up well, don’t we?


Our daughter and future son-in-law heading in to meet with the wedding people.


The chapel didn’t allow photos of the wedding itself, as they have their own photographer and photo packages available for purchase. Such is the way of such things these days. 🙁

The Husbear and I together walked our daughter down the aisle and gave her away to her to-be husband.

It was a happy wedding. And different. I’ve never seen an Elvis wedding before. Our daughter has a thing for the King.

And here is the newly married couple exiting the chapel.


And her father looking on…


After the wedding, we went for dinner with the newlywed couple and the guests.

The Husbear and I headed back down to the strip and wandered around through a majority of the hotel/casino complexes looking at things and people.



All that walking and excitement from the day wore us out, so it was time for bed.

Until next time...

Day Four: BFE, AZ to Hallowe’en Vegas

Wednesday morning we woke up early and left BFE and continued on to Vegas via Arizona and Utah. Repeatedly.


Ignore that bit in the map from Vegas on to Phoenix. I failed to take a picture of the route at the end of the day. I’m a slacker.

After driving through some scenic country…




…we finally arrived in Vegas. On Hallowe’en. Vegas. Hallowe’en. Let me tell you how many more freaky people there were than normal. Too many to count.

But we did the touristy things, which meant walk around, gamble, drink. Stare at people.






All of which resulted in a massive headache and hangover for me.


Until next time...

Just a Quickie…

I have a few posts to finish writing of our trip-in-progress, which hopefully I will be able to do this evening. There have been several stays without wifi or cell service, which has hampered uploading pictures.

Big day today. Our daughter’s wedding is this afternoon at 4, in whatever time zone this is that we are in. Getting prepared for that, with a slight hangover after spending the evening/night beveraging with our daughter, soon to be son-in-law, a couple of their friends, and the Husbear.

After that, hopefully I will have a little time to post, and to catch up reading blogs. I hope my friends in the New England area are all okay after Sandy rolled through.

Until next time...

Go West

The Husbear and I will be heading westward the last week of October.

Our oldest daughter is getting married on November 1 and will be doing so in Las Vegas. By Elvis. Even though there’s an Elvis closer in Memphis. Such is the way of things.

We were originally going to fly to Vegas on ye ol’ Allegiant Air. But as we’re prone to do we have instead decided to drive. Roughly 3,000 miles over 10 days or so. So we can see the countryside. By now, you should know it’s what we do. We’ll only be spending one or two days in Vegas at most. The remainder of the time we will be driving and sightseeing.

A rough idea of the path we’ll be taking.

The Husbear and I have never been out west together, nor been out that way as adults. So there’s a lot we’d like to see. We haven’t planned an exact route and time-frame as of yet, but I know I’d definitely love to swoop down (after making a left turn at Albuquerque!) to Tuscon and Phoenix on the way to Vegas, then through Denver on the way back.

So… I would like to meet up with some of my blogger buddies along the way. Especially since it seems most of you live out that way for some odd reason. This is me putting a bug in your ear!

Until next time...