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Hi-Fi Friday: December 11, 2015

Blobby got the theme pick this month, so he threw out some choices, and I kind of steered him in a direction. And that direction would be songs released on soundtracks, and as Blobby stated: “music that appears / appeared initially on soundtracks. not cast offs from other albums that ended up on a soundtrack.” I think I can manage this one. At least better than last month’s.

David Lynch. People either love him or hate him. I’m a late lover. Or a lover late to the scene. Most people know him because of his films and television shows. I know him originally from his paintings. Did you know he was a painter?

But hey, this is about music. And while I’ve not seen the 1997 movie Lost Highway (yet), I do love the soundtrack. And one of the songs is Nine Inch Nails’ “The Perfect Drug”. And oddly enough, lead singer Trent Reznor is not a fan of this song. And the band has never played live to this point.

I like it, so that’s all that matters. And bonus points for creepy video.

Even if the lyrics are a little lacking, it has a good “feel”.

Until next time...

Tubthumping in Istanbul

They Might Be Giants have re-covered their cover of The Four Lads “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” from 1953. This is their “original” 1990 cover of it, in case you have no idea what it sounded like.

And here is their electronic-a re-cover-cover.

I’ve loved TMBG since I was a teenager. I bought their second album Lincoln in 1989 or 1990. And aside from their newest compilation album, I think I have their entire discography now with the exception of one of two of the children’s albums they have done.

So I was wandering down Reminiscing Road looking at some of their old videos, which led me to find this gem of AWESOMENESS: TMBG covering Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumping”! This so easily could have been a TMBG song. The awesomeness starts at 1:15 or so.

Love. Love. Love.

Hat tip to Joe. My. God..

Until next time...