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With Much Sadness…

My coworker, my friend, and someone who is family to me woke up to horrible news this morning. [She Who Shall Not Be Named, At Her Request]’s newest grandchild passed away sometime last night/this morning.

Andrew was almost three months old.

I never know what to say in situations like this. All I know to do is think comforting thoughts towards her and her family, and to be there with lots of hugs.

Please help me by sending some cosmic energy [She Who Shall Not Be Named, At Her Request]’s way, and to her daughter Amanda, and to the entire family. Amanda’s husband is in the military and is currently stationed out of country, so I’m sure both parents are in much need of comfort by those immediately around them.

If you wish to send your thoughts privately, you can email [She Who Shall Not Be Named, At Her Request] at this email address.

[She Who Shall Not Be Named, At Her Request], and her grandson Andrew

“Monkey”, even though you were here only for a short time, you made a big mark on those around you.

Updated 2012.04.02

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Rough Weekend By Proxy… Update.

And now there is a fourth. Another on my team had his grandmother placed in hospice this weekend after a battle with cancer. He and his family are there with her now as her time remaining with them is almost over.

On a more positive note, the teammate who’s child was close to death after a serious automobile accident has taken a turn for the better. The swelling in her brain has started to go down, and today she was taken off the coma inducing medications.

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Rough Weekend By Proxy

It has been a rough weekend for three of my fellow teammates at the OGRE:
One had a parent die.
One had his spouse die.
One is close to having a child die after a serious automobile accident.

What feelings I have in my heart go out to each of them and their families. I can’t even begin to imagine what thoughts must be going through their heads and what pain must be going through their hearts.

I find in reflecting that the three closest relationships many people have—a parent, a spouse, a child—were affected this weekend.

Things to ponder.

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Hello World, from the Broken Ocean

A co-worker at the GreatRetailEmpire has started blogging on something other than mySpace… finally!

Knowing how well-written he is from his blog on mySpace, I’ve been watching his new blog, waiting for that first post other than “Hello World!”. And he finally has.

Go check out Nick’s “first” post, “Civil Unions Are Bullshit”. It’s worth the read.

(And maybe I can convince him to copy over his stuff from mySpace to his new blog space….)

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Another loss in the salon family.

Some of you following me on twitter may have seen this come across today:

Another death in our salon family. Susan died in a car accident last night.

Probably something a little “heavy” for a tweet that I shouldn’t have probably done, but I did.

One of our stylists, Susan May, and her girlfriend, Cassie Webb, were killed in an automobile accident last night. They were traveling home after a day on the river with a few of the other stylists.

It was a hard day at the salon. As everyone called each other, we all met at the salon. Susan’s family was there to pick up her belongings. There was much crying, and will be for a few days I am sure. There is an empty station now that will be a reminder of a tragic loss.

The Husbear and I send our condolences to Susan’s and Cassie’s families.

First one, now another.

Edit: I’ve noticed a lot of incoming searches already with Cassie and Susan’s name in them. If you’re a friend or family looking for information on the memorial service, I’ll post it as soon as I find out about it.]

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Interesting Conversations I Have

This is a text message conversation I had with the AlphaForager. Keep in mind, the AlphaForager is a straight buddy of mine from work, so this whole conversation started out odd…

AlphaForager: I need your help with something that a man of your particular taste could help with.
Me: Umm….
AlphaForager: I need a picture or pictures of a guy that potentially looks like what I would if I lost weight and got ripped. If that makes sense?
Me: Clothed?
AlphaForager: both? I can throw some shorts on naked ones. I need motivation material to eat right and work out. Visualize what you want to be kind thing.
Me: Ah… Gothca. Lemme dig through my collection. I would think the guy from “the shield” is close?
AlphaForager: I think I would be a little bigger but you know the male b ody more than I.
Me: LOL… One would think. I’ll see what I can dig up…
AlphaForager: Just email me whatever you find.
Me: Will do!

Now I have to sit down and start perusing the porn for a reason!

This might be close?

[Edit: The AlphaForager was knew this would be posted.]

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