The last one out of the nest…

I don’t often talk about our kids on here. However, this past Saturday our son (and our youngest child) graduated from High School.

The Husbear, our son Matthew and myself.

This next picture is very special to me for many reasons.

Our son Matthew, and his dad.

Matt, we love you more than you will ever know and we are so proud of you.

Until next time...

23 thoughts on “The last one out of the nest…

  1. Your son is about the same age as my oldest boy. My son graduates in three weeks! I’m looking forward to him becoming more independent. Congratulations to all of you, and best wishes or the changes ahead.

  2. Hey guys!! Congratulations on your son’s graduation. Y’all must be really proud of him.

  3. How sweet! He looks alot like Robert. Our son graduates next week. We are flying out to Southern KY for it.

  4. Those are the images people should see regarding gay families: nothing different from any other family around. Congratulations to Matt on his graduation!

  5. Those are great pictures and you guys should be proud. Oddly enough, he looks a bit like both of you 🙂 Congratulations again..

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