TMI Questions: Back to School

I needed to rest my brain for a day, so I offer you the following. Sean of Just a Jeep Guy does this TMI Questions bit every week. This week’s questions involved schooling. And a little insight into me. Which is what this blog is about, right?

Ugh. High school graduation.

1. What level of education have you earned? Where?
I guess it depends on how you define “level of education”. In the traditional sense, I have a Bachelor of Arts in social science from Harding University. I also have training that required non-traditional schooling. In the long ago, I was a Licensed Massage Therapist in Arkansas. And I am currently a licensed tattoo artist in the state of Arkansas.

2. If you went to college, did you join the Greek system?
We didn’t have the real Greek at the private, Church of Christ-run University I went to, but we had “social clubs”. That had Greek names. I was a member of one. Looking back, I’m fairly certain we were the misfits.

3. If money and time weren’t an issue, would you go back to school? What would you study?
Yes. Everything. Because knowledge is awesome. Unlike my vocabulary apparently. Actually, I’d rather just audit the courses. And be the only student. Because most college students today seem to not really care about their education, other than just wanting a diploma. And to party.

4. Ever make it under the bleachers?
Make what?

5. Knowing what you know now, what would you change about your education?
Not that I would meddle with the past, but I would have probably just not gone to college. At least not right out of high school. And not to that college. And not that degree.

What was your best or worst experience in school?
That’s the subject for an entire blog post. Or two. Let’s just say, attempting to come to terms with being gay while attending a religious school definitely fucks with you.

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