Where the Hell is Matt?

Thanks to cb for pointing me to this.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

I actually cried watching this. Me. That rarely happens. This makes time number four five that I have cried like that. Yes, it happens so rarely I can count them:
1. Watching “The Fox and the Hound” as a child;
2. Watching “ET” as a child;
3. Watching the Husbear as he watched his father die;
4. Watching “It’s My Party”;
5. And now watching this video.

I’ve watched it three times now.

[Edit: I corrected the spelling on #3. I left the “W” off of “watching”. -Erik]
[Edit #2: My buddy Roy actually sent me the link to this before I saw it on cb’s site, but I didn’t see the email until later. -Erik]

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12 thoughts on “Where the Hell is Matt?

  1. The first video (started back in 2002?) he did was amazing, considering he did it all by himself and spent all that time alone travelling. That one made me sit in my cubicle and physically ache at the beauty/silliness of it.

    I hate to be Donna Downer, but this time around, he’s sponsored by a gum company.

  2. yeah, I know! Praise be to me for making Erik cry. I get a bit misty watching it too. The music helps the experience.

  3. @Sideon:
    That about sums up my dancing skills as well.

    I can only hope as well. I actually think the rest of the world will be like that… with the lone exception of the USA.

    Very much so. Very much.

    @Dead Robot:
    They were both awesome things to see. And I guess the travel budget probably went up. It’s odd that it was a gum company though.

    Yes, you hold a special place… you made me cry. But it was a spontaneous, good cry.

    Sorry about that… I hope you’re okay.

  4. Given the 5 times that you have cried in your life, I was expecting to see a very traumatic video that I would probably anguish over. Unlike you, I could probably think of five times that I HAVEN’T cried. Given the title of the video and the video’s opening scene, I thought it was going to be about a search for a lost loved one. It was almost like a 9/11 aftermath scene in the beginning. How refreshing it was to see a joyous, happy video. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. @cb:
    cb, you still get credit… for making me cry. 🙂

    I’ve cried a little more than 5 times. But the whole spontaneous breaking into a sobbing mess like this I count only 5.

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