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“Gimme 5”

RG tagged me with the “Gimme 5” meme a couple weeks ago. I told him I would get around to it, and I finally have. I had a hard time coming up with five unknowns about myself. Seriously. At least five unknown things that I actually would make public. But I did.

1. Share 5 unknown facts about yourself.
2. Pay it forward! Link 5 more bloggers and included their names in your post.
3. Leave them a comment on their blog and let them know that they’ve been tagged.

Here’s all five of my inches for you:

1. I have issues with crowds.

Serious issues. And by crowds I mean more than two people. Which makes it extremely difficult mentally for me to attend functions the Husbear enjoys attending—events like Southern Decadence, bear parties, dance clubs, the mall. But I somehow manage. Thanks to massive quantities of alcohol. My liver will probably hate me for it though.

2. I have a strange desire to want to karaoke.

This desire is equally proportional to how much I don’t like how my voice sounds. This might also explain why I will sing only in the car and only when I am by myself and only when the stereo is louder than my voice. Think Yoko Ono on helium. There.

3. I bottle up my emotions.

It’s easier than dealing with them. And who knows, they might be a great vintage one day. I’m not sure where I obtained this “talent” from but I’m sure religion probably had something to do with it. And the man I call my father. I’m sure he’s to thank as well.

4. I have had a lot less “social experiences” than most people think.

I was a late bloomer for pretty much everything: kissing, alcohol, sex, drugs, dancing, partying. I didn’t start to experience some of them until I was in my mid-twenties. Some things I still haven’t experienced. After reading some of you bloggers, there’s a LOT of things I haven’t experienced.

5. I feel awkward socially.

This probably goes hand-in-hand with number 4 above. I never feel comfortable in social situations. I think that’s also why I gravitate towards people who are extremely social. Some sort of mental, symbiotic balance for me. They probably think I’m a stalker.

Well, that was probably a lot more than you want to know about me. And probably a lot more than I should have revealed about myself.

If bloggers want to self-medicate, er, make that self-tag, they’re more than welcome to. I know everything we do is a little “unknown” from time to time.

Until next time...

Where the Hell is Matt?

Thanks to cb for pointing me to this.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

I actually cried watching this. Me. That rarely happens. This makes time number four five that I have cried like that. Yes, it happens so rarely I can count them:
1. Watching “The Fox and the Hound” as a child;
2. Watching “ET” as a child;
3. Watching the Husbear as he watched his father die;
4. Watching “It’s My Party”;
5. And now watching this video.

I’ve watched it three times now.

[Edit: I corrected the spelling on #3. I left the “W” off of “watching”. -Erik]
[Edit #2: My buddy Roy actually sent me the link to this before I saw it on cb’s site, but I didn’t see the email until later. -Erik]

Until next time...

Last Nights Nightmare

Not sure how the nightmare got to this point, but this is what I remember…

there was a group of us in an elevator.
the elevator cage was made of short-walled Plexiglas for the most part, so it was transparent.
we were working in a warehouse of some kind.
that the elevator moved on a both horizontal and vertical path.
I was showing the others how to do something.
I don’t remember what or why.
for some reason, the group of us got out of the lift to let another group use it.
while we were getting out, someone attached a cable to the lift.
to brace or steady it?
we were all out, and the next group was starting to get in.
the cable pulled tight all of a sudden.
the cage was then yanked outside through the warehouse wall.
with one occupant in it.
by a parachute or flag attached to the cable?
the cage was being tossed around with the occupant erratically.
like a broken kite with a long tail.
smashing into the ground then zipping up into the air.
over and over.
I don’t know who the occupant was specifically—no one that I recognize.
we could see him, the occupant, as the wind blew it around us.
sometimes it was up close and then other times it was far away.
when it was up close, we could see that he was limp, being tossed about in the cage.
assumed dead.
everyone was watching outside, in horror, for a period of time.
i remember it getting dusk out during this “show”.
on one of the passes, the occupant was dislodged from the cage onto the building above us.
the force of his ejection caused him to come bouncing down to the ground where we were.
with a squishy, thud sound.
he looked extremely broken.
everyone—myself included—ran away from the scene trying to not be ill.
as I looked back, it appeared he was alive somehow and he was trying to move.
we were running back to him, all of us freaking out.

That’s when my alarm clock went off.

I can still see it vividly in my head. More than I can express in words. And I’m still feeling a little panicky as I write this.

Today should be fun….

Until next time...

Mouth Candy…

I made the mistake of finding some Candy Corn. And then eating it. The whole bucket of it. These are the last pieces of it before they were devoured—by me.

I did the arrangement myself…

And this is me at the tattoo shop later…

Too much sugar makes me look like this…

The husbear is having me grow my hair out. Everyone seems to like it when it’s all spiked up in one of those feaux-hawk things. But I managed to sneak out of the house this morning before he could put stuff in my hair. I don’t do “product” myself.

Nothing else to report.

Until next time...