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People to Never Make Mad at You

There are some people on this planet that you should never make mad at you:

  • Your hair stylist/barber;
  • Your waiter/waitress/server-person/cook;
  • The IRS;
  • The Judge;
  • The Police.

To that list you should add your tattooist.


I can understand if you unknowingly said something that maybe your tattooist didn’t agree with. The FSM knows I’ve tattooed my share of racist, bigoted, and narrow-minded people. Some things we let slide. We’re human. We all have different ideologies. (At least until the aliens land.)

But to PURPOSELY INSULT your tattooist and ATTACK our entire profession? Are you even thinking?

We had a customer walk into the studio last night with his buddy to price a tattoo. He thought the price was too high, even though another studio in the area quoted him a higher price. He then said:

How hard can it be to tattoo words on people? It can’t take any skill at all.

Excuse me???

Why would make your tattooist mad—at you—before they are going to do something PERMANENT to your skin? WTF?

You might just end up with a large penis tattooed on you.

Actually, [She Who Shall Not Be Named, At Her Request] and I attempt to follow the Golden Rule at the studio. There are some things we just won’t do. Tattooing something other than what you asked for is one of them. But pissing us off might mean that your tattoo process could possibly hurt a wee bit more than it normally would. If we even do your tattoo at all.

We put up with a lot before we’ll toss your ass out the door. That was pushing it. The next person who does that won’t be so lucky.

Update 2012.04.02

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Random Music I Love

Take away my gay card. Seriously. I LOVE this version so much more than the original by Donna Summer.

“I Feel Love” as covered by the Blue Man Group, featuring the incredible Venus Hum:

I want that dress she’s wearing. But in underwear form.

Here’s another cover by BMG that I love: “Baba O’Riley” from The Who.

I think my piano teacher would have shit herself if I would have done that to the piano. I should have.

I have always loved the sound PVC pipes make when you hit them. As a kid, my father had spare PVC pipe laying around (it was used for irrigation in the nursery).

I’m fairly certain I never did anything as creative as this kid has though.

It’s a Lady Gaga Medley.

You should go check out more of his work on his YouTube channel. He’s got some seriously mad skills.

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If a Bear Poops in the Woods…

From Spud Comics.

I’ve often wondered… “Why toilet paper?” Why not old magazines, or jets of water, or corn cobs, or shells, or our right hands?

And is the need to wipe our butts something experienced through all cultures historically? Or do/did some cultures just not care about having 50 brands of pulped tree products with which to wipe?

I wonder if anyone’s ever done a historical study?

And what about humans who have excessive hair in their… “zone”? Do they have to pre-shave? It’s bad enough shaving my face. I can’t imagine having to clipper cut between my cheeks on a regular basis.

Not that I mind seeing a nice furry butt from time to time…

(lick to embiggen)

Am I the only one who ponders these kinds of things?

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