Bark, Bark, Howl…

The Husbear “schemed” with his Lesbian and got a new puppy today.

He’s named her Sophie. She’s half black Labrador, half Hound. And only 10 weeks old.

I think she’s really a horse.

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20 thoughts on “Bark, Bark, Howl…

  1. OH MY GOSH…she’s BEAUTIFUL!!! She looks like our dog Jake, except that she has a vagina & our Jake has a penis…ROFLMAO!!!

    1. Thanks, mark. I’ve never been a “dog person”, but the Husbear is. But I’m good with having a new dog. I just hope she’ll be a better “alarm” than the our eldest dog is.

  2. OH WOW! She’s gorgeous! And that is such a cute pic of her. I am sure you will be a dog person in a few weeks after spending time with that little princess! Oh, and the husbear is more gorgeous than ever!!! 😉

    1. The Husbear and her seem to fit together well so far. I found out today we would be getting her sister sometime this week, since the Husbear’s Lesbian is unable to keep her.

  3. You realize of course, since you’re not really a “dog person” she is now going to be your best friend.

    BTW, she’s absolutely fucking adorable – and just keep remembering that when she’s chewing on your furniture. hahahhahahaha

  4. What a great picture, I really like the red shed in the background… just joshin’, Sophie is a gorgeous dog. Hide your shoes for the first year.. hehe

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