Dear Prudence

I haven’t been able to get this song out of my noggin today. I actually remember it playing in a most bizarre dream I had last night. The dream involved tornadoes. I’ve been having a lot of dreams with tornadoes as of late. I’m not sure what that’s about.

Anyway. Back to the song.

While I now know this song was originally written by the Beatles, I will forever think of this song as a Siouxsie and the Banshees song. Because her/their version is so much better.

(YouTube link if you do not see the above embedded video .)

And how did I forget that Robert Smith of The Cure was at one time a member of the band?

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10 thoughts on “Dear Prudence

  1. I’m seriously going to pretend you didn’t just dis the Beatles in favour is Suxiousie.

    But I do love “Dear Prudence”

  2. I always liked the cover – and it’s hard to cover the Beatles, and it can be done (Shawn Colvin’s “I’ll Be Back”. And I like ya Erik, but not sure Siouxsie is a better version.

    1. Siouxsie’s version has such an odd, ethereal sound to it compared to the Beatles. But that’s probably why I like it more. I tend to be drawn to that type of sound.

  3. Siouxsie’s version rocks! Everything that Siouxsie did rocked! Well… until about the mid 90’s when the music began to suck. I like the Beatles (at least the later stuff) but I prefer Siouxsie’s version.

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