Questions Answered, Part 3

In this previous post, I asked my lovely readers to ask me questions for each of six topics:

  1. Friends (answered here)
  2. Sex (answered here)
  3. Music
  4. Religion
  5. Love
  6. Blogging

This post contains the answers for the questions that were asked under the “Music” category.


If the B-52s were a food, what would it be and what would you do with it?


I’d say they would be the magical five loaves that Jebus fed to everyone. And I’d do the same.

That, or they’d be Twizzlers. Making mouths happy!

Why do you think people identify with/support/love the music/musicians they do so fervently, to the point of waiting in line 10 hours for tickets or hating people who do not share their love for the pop star du jour or make videos on you tube crying because people are picking on their favorite diva? (I’m not talking “I love this band and have all their albums and would love to see them in concert” kind of fandom; I’m talking “If you say a bad thing about Madonna I will stab you with this knife because I sold a kidney once to buy nose bleed tickets at a concert that raises money for a hospitality house that is next door to where a guy lived that once saw Madonna in an airport” kind of fandom.) Is there any music or musician that has earned such devotion from you ever and if so who?


To me that type of obsession is really no different than stalking, which I think indicates some sort of mental imbalance (e.g., John Hinckley’s obsession with Jodie Foster). And I’ve never been that crazy about any musician before. Yet.

What’s the music you put on to calm you down when you’re stressed or angry or upset?

It really varies. If it’s on my iDevice, it’s pretty much fair game. So maybe music in general helps calm me down? To me it’s more a volume thing. If I’m stressed/angry/upset, the volume of the music is definitely at a lower level than normal, almost like elevator muzak in the background.

If you could see any band live that you’ve never seen before, which would it be?

Green Day. Or Def Leppard.

Do you have any special music that transports you to the Divine?


I don’t know if I have any actual particular music that does that for me, but there are certain instruments, sounds, melodies, tempos, and chords that do take me somewhere else. And these appear in any number of genre of music for me.

What single genre of music would most represent who you are? (Not necessarily your favorite)


I don’t know if there’s one single genre that represents me. I’m pretty much “the entire music store” kind of guy.

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2 thoughts on “Questions Answered, Part 3

    1. It really varies, but I’d say:

      wah-wah sounding instruments,
      spacey sounding instruments,
      the drone of a bagpipe,
      percussion instruments similar to the tubulum.

      A lot of those in combination with other sounds tends to make me float away mentally.

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