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The Husbear’s Driving Incident, Update.

Some of you saw my tweet earlier today about the Husbear being involved in an accident. Thank you to those who tweeted back.

I just wanted to let everyone know that he is doing fine.

This was the Husbear’s first auto accident. Which is impressive to me. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve been involved in.

Apparently, the Husbear was passing (legally) a farm tractor and a car that was following it. As he passed the car, the driver of the car decided they needed to turn left at that moment and hit the truck.

The truck has what appears to be minimal damage to it thanks mostly to the passenger side nerf bar. The nerf bar is a little warped now but it is what saved the side of the truck from the brunt of the accident. The other car essentially did a rail-slide along it which spared most of the side of the truck from damage sans some scrapes in a few places and some damage to the front tire.

The other car appears to not have fared so well. Apparently they will be replacing the side panel above their front wheel well and entire headlight assembly.

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Another child, another accident.

First one, now another. I think we’re just going to get our kids big rubber balls to walk in and be done with it.

Our youngest, our 18 year old son, calls today. He was heading to our house from his mothers for the weekend. He had been in an accident. Correction—he had CAUSED the accident. He wasn’t paying attention and rear-ended someone who had stopped in the road ahead of him. AND that person then rear-ended the person stopped in front of them. Joy. Less than two months after we give him the car and he wrecks it and takes out two other vehicles in the process.

The son is fine, aside from his knees bothering him (he somehow whacked the underside of the dash during the accident) and the verbal lashing he has received from the husbear and myself. The husbear is upset, mad and disappointed—all the emotions one has as a parent when their child is in danger and causes danger.

The car is totaled. It is amazing the damage that can be done at 35 miles per hour. Guess he’ll find out what it’s like to be an adult faster than he wants. I’m glad we gave him a “boat.”

(sigh)… at least he wasn’t using a cell phone at the time….

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Close call.

Our daughter1 was in an automobile accident with a drunk driver last night. The female drunk driver ran a stop sign driving a van and plowed into our daughter’s car, tearing the front of the car off.

Our daughter is—luckily and thankfully—okay. The car is totaled. Cars can be replaced, but our daughter cannot be. Things could have tragically been much worse.

1The husbear and I have three children. All genetically his from when he was married in the long ago.

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The Wrong Husbear

I started getting the phone calls late Tuesday morning asking if I was okay. After a lot of confusion and then some frantic moments, I found out that several local television stations had reported that the Husbear was killed in a car accident. That is my partner’s name! People were calling me to find out what happened. And I didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. I was about to call home when I get another phone call, and it’s the Husbear.

The Husbear received a few telephone calls from relatives that morning as well, one of them being his mother in tears. Talk about an odd moment. Having to explain to your own mother that you are not dead. He called me to tell me what he had heard.

There are, or were, two people with the Husbear’s name in the area. One being my partner of 10+ years (so far) and the other being someone else’s husband (no relation). The other person with the Husbear’s name was killed in a car accident Tuesday morning (news article).

What a horribly surreal moment….

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February 19, 2007: thoughts on the Husbear’s accident

To come home to clean up your partner’s blood in the house makes one think about how odd life is. Not to mention all the “what if” scenarios that run through your head after the fact. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I always tend to think on the negative side of events either…

Remembering the things that happened:
Walking in to see all the pools of blood in the doctors office, with him laying on the table. Watching his head being sewn back up, as he squeezed my hand in pain. Him vomiting, then passing out; then having a seizure and biting his tongue. When he came back around, he said he felt like he had a full nights worth of dreams during that time, but couldn’t remember any of them. Later him saying that when the doctor was sewing him up, that he felt warm and relaxed all of a sudden and just wanted to close his eyes and go to sleep. Worrying about him through the night.

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February 19, 2007: the Husbear breaks his head open

Ever get one of those phone calls that stops you cold? I was out shopping for a new computer for the tattoo shop when the cellphone rings. It’s the Husbear—wanting to know where I am, and telling me he is bleeding badly and needs to be taken to hospital. I was about 15 minutes away from him. I asked him if he was okay to drive to the clinic in town. He said he could, and I told him I would meet him there. Then he hung up.

At this point, I don’t know what is wrong, other than he is bleeding badly. Which has to be bad because the Husbear is a stubborn mule when it comes to being sick and injured. That only increased my panic that much more! In my direction to get him to go to the clinic, I never asked what was actually wrong.

I finally got to the clinic in town after what seemed like forever. The nurses rushed me back to the room the Husbear was in. There was blood everywhere. He was laying down on the table and conscious. The doctor was prepping him for stitches. Through the blood, he had what looked like a gash on the top of his head.

picture of a pole pounder

I asked the Husbear what happened. He was working in the aviary putting up a new fence. Something happened while he was using the pole-pounder-in-thingy, and it came down on top of his head.

The doctor put in 14 stitches to close the two inch gash in the top of his head. the Husbear will probably have one hell of a headache later tonight, but he should be fine otherwise.

Post injury, but looking cute.

That should leave a nice scar.

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